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 VTSTOYS  VM-033  1/6 FORMER 1st CLASS SOLDIER Standard Edition   

Deposit (มัดจำ) 1000 Baht , Preorder 4800 Baht


VTSTOYS  VM-033DX  1/6 FORMER 1st CLASS SOLDIER Collector's Edition  

Deposit (มัดจำ) 1500 Baht , Preorder 6150 Baht


Order Close Date : 20/10/2020

Estimate Release Date : Q2/2021

VTSTOYS 1/6 FORMER 1st CLASS SOLDIER - Standard Edition & Collector's Edition (VM-033)

 Every planet has its own story. On this one, a blond boy and his friends fight for the lives of this planet with love, saddness and hope.

 VTSTOYS is proud to announce Collectible Figure FORMER 1st CLASS SOLDIER!

 Our team brings you this product with the greatest sincerity. The exquisite head sculpt and special flowy blond hair are presented by the most professional artist, with a faithful focus on the iconic bluish green pupils.

To reflect the strong and slender shape of the game character, we have modified the body and adopted seamless arms, while perfectly making sure that he looks great and is highly poseable. 

His costume might seem simple, but we have carefully fine-tuned it to fittingly express his style. We use flexible material for the suspenders and sash to ensure maximum poseability. 

The iconic Buster Sword is carefully crafted and painted finish to detail its rust and wear. The holes on the sword can be equipped with Materia to be selected by you. 

The yellow flower given to the game character as a key item is also perfectly recreated. This product also comes with: Materia in their normal state. 

On top of the above contents in the standard version, we are also releasing an even more collectible version. In the Collector’s Edition, we have created a large diorama. The design is of the mako reactor, displaying its facilities. The base matches the figure to recreate the game character properly in his style.

Also included: the classic Summon Cactuar and even a small base to go along with it. We summon to you this highly popular summon, faithfully modelled and delicately finished.

Product comes with:

- Blond head sculpt

- Highly poseable body with seamless arms

- 7 hands (L and R hands in different shapes):

- A pair of hands for holding item(s)

- A pair of claw hands

- A pair of fists

- One special hand also for holding item(s)


- Dark blue tight-fitting turtleneck top

- Dark blue pants

- Belt*2

- Suspenders and sash

- Left pauldron

- Left forearm armlet

- Custom boots


- Buster Sword

- Buster Sword connector and interchangeable parts

- Materia*9 (green*3, blue*2, red*2, yellow*1, purple*1)

- Materia*9 in normal state (green*3, blue*2, red*2, yellow*1, purple*1)

- Yellow flower

Exclusive Accessories for Collector's Edition:

- Cactuar

- Custom base



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